Friday, November 30, 2007

What's up with Snow???

We already have snow....why??? I have purchased my very first snowsuit to try and tolerate the some mighty fine looking thinsulate boots, a nice hood type hat(sure to block any cold air), and I'm working on getting better gloves with the help of my ebay savvy husband. I am not a cold weather person, but have been forced to endure it during recess...WOW!! Why do these kids like the snow??? It is SO COLD??? IT MELTS!!! It makes you WET AND COLD!!! It gets into every crevice of space that you may have left freezes you to the bone!!! WHY OH WHY???

So we must look to the positive as we are forced to in life with so many situations....!

SNOW Positives:

1) It looks pretty if you are inside a warm building and your eyesight is good enough to enjoy the view.
2) You can throw your dog into a snow drift to watch it disappear, only to see it reappear again in a few seconds.
3) You see young children put their tongues on metal surfaces only to tear off their skin and bleed profusely and scream in pain. (oh, wait...that is not a positive..forget that one)
4) Santa has somewhere to land his sleigh, but that is only if you believe in the jolly ole' elf, some of us had to grow up.
5) You get an occasional snow day off of school.....YEAH!! (only to make it up again in nice spring!..double whammy)
6) You have a reason to wear the snowsuit and boots you bought.
7) You can have a White Christmas.
8) They can gate off the interstate in your state and not let you drive.(only a positive if you don't need to go anywhere)
9) You have an excuse as to why your back is hurting(shoveling snow) rather than just that you are weak, old, or frail.
10) It makes the earth look clean again!!

I guess you can look at positives in whatever area of life you need to. That is how we all survive to the best of our ability. Look to the positive wherever you are optimistic!! There is always a silver lining...sometimes you have to dig to find it, other times you must be VERY CREATIVE!!!

I am signing out for now back to my tundra of snow...back to my mound of blankets...and many layers of clothing....!! (Of course none of the band members would know about this dilema-----warm weather natives that they are)

Don't worry about this road manager...I will stay warm...I will survive another day....I AM WOMAN!!!

Tam out