Wednesday, November 21, 2007

For all those who just got their hair did....

If you just got your hair did and are ready for the holiday, smile and look pretty for the camera!

It is that time of year when you get together with family and friends and are thankful!!! This year I am thankful as always for my family and for a very blessed year with them. I am also SOOOOOO THANKFUL for my clementine family, we had an amazing journey together during the Squeaky Wheel Tour and grew very close! What an amazing group of people who really get the missing and their families.

I wish you all a blessed holiday and send love to you across the miles! None of us are together this season, but J & J are experiencing the beach life of relaxation! I hope they relax, refresh, rejuvinate and reinvent some memories... : )!!

Keep yourselves healthy, stay warm, and continue to live with a thankful, grateful heart! We are all so blessed!!! In so many ways!!! As always, your road manager, keeping the peace, watching the clock, plotting the course, working the crowd, doing the laundry, and much misc.....with a very grateful heart!!

Love to you all!!!!