Saturday, July 12, 2008

Clementine Start Your Blogging

Hey Friends and Clemen"DUDES",

SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED since our road manager Tammy Smithnwesson made her post about the SNOW that fell until last week in South Dakota. I am sure many of you want to feel compassion for her however...she does choose to live in South Dakota. I lived in Phoenix for years and you know what? It's HOT. Like...the home of Satan hot. And guess's HOT for months in Phoenix. 95 at 7 am. 115 by noon. 95 at midnight. My spidey sense tells me that the North Pole has a lot of snow (even with Global Warming).

But I digress. The band is recording a new EP. We have new management (ALCHEMY HOUSE) and a new booking agent (DEGGY International). We also have signed with Foster Entertainment to distribute the television show "Finding Gina".

We recently met up with our beloved bus driver "BAMA" at the WARP TOUR. He drives the founder Kevin Lymon and we where able to talk about the Squeaky Wheel Tour. Which brings me to the reason we need to get back to blogging. Squeaky Wheel 2008 is only a few months away and we are coming to a town near you.

So brush off the snow if you are in Dakota (or the North Pole) and wipe off the sweat if your are in Phoenix (or the Equator) and get ready because...

IT's Clemen"TIME"!!