Friday, November 16, 2007

Back in the swing of, that took an adjustment! Waking up in the middle of the night wondering why the bus had stopped, what time it was, where we were, what in the world was Mike doing stopping the bus for so long??? All those questions running through my mind in the wee hours of the morning. This road manager had to adapt to the home schedule. No more worrying about cell phones being lost(although I did receive a call from Jannel looking for her cell phone since I have been home), no more early morning press and radio interviews, waking the sleeping Dana for sound checks, getting the tech crew in gear from a sound sleep, finding a room for BAMA, getting him on the right track before we all drifted off to sleep, getting used to staying put and not waking up in a new city every morning....these are just a few adjustments to be had....!

I am slowly adjusting, missing our bus crew immensely since we got so close over the 19 days. What a wonderful group of people I had to work with!!!

My boys no longer have to bach it at home and are glad to have me back. I have been spoiled by getting the much needed sleep that I lacked while on tour, and being taken care of. They spoil me so! I am back at my normal job answering phones, typing, and assisting in an elementary classroom. I was greeted with a mob of hugs from my kids.

While Dana is off on a cruise, Jeff is mending his one ailing lung, Jannel is deep in the cave, Gary is back to the hide-a-way, singing, and catering, Joe is off mending, cleaning, helping, and hugging, Eli at school, Annie loving those around her, Cristi mending her knee...we have all returned to bloom where we have been planted. Back to life as we know it!

Remember to LAUGH alot and enjoy each moment, hug those around you, and savor each experience....!

PS...If you are ever flung out of a bus bathroom at a terrifying speed, remember that someone, some bunk, or some door knob will be there to catch you!!